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‘Satvik Lifehouse’ is an Agro-Eco Tourism destination in Gujarat where we grow food organically, rather naturally. So, why is it called Agro-Tourism? Agro Tourism destination basically means tourism at an agricultural place – a farm.

How does a pomegranate grow? Can lemons grow at your home? Is cashew nut a fruit or a seed? What is nature’s role in producing all of this, if a farmer grows this? What is a farmers ‘KRA’ in his career? Inquisitive much, aren’t you yet? Satvik Lifehouse is a place where you will find answers to all these questions.

Here, we dream and strive to provide an earthy, peaceful and happy living amidst the farm full of selected seasonal crops and vegetables and a lot of wild tree varieties. Fulfill your enthusiasm to live with a farmer, enjoy chilling in a traditionally designed rural themed house and have fun watching the dairy process. Spread across 20 acres, where we introduce you to the concept of natural living and eating consciously (know what you eat and where does it come from).

Not just the fun filled farm work but how about an early morning trail of the wilds to listen to some exquisite bird songs or sleeping in open under a star studded night? You may be a naturist or one wanting to just chill in a hammock under the trees, regardless – happiness is assured!

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