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We keep the toxins, harmful chemicals, artificial flavors, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) out, always!


Desi A2 Free Grazing Cow Ghee


Bilona Churned
Jar of Goodness

We were firm from the very beginning about sticking with the traditional processes of ghee-making as described in our ancient texts, which insist that the ghee has to be prepared from Makkhan (cultured butter), where the Desi Cow Whole Milk is first converted to curd and then further churned into Makkhan, using the slow churning process a.k.a ‘Bilona Method’.


“After discovering the importance of A2 milk, I was in search of good A2 ghee. Finally found this beautiful jar from Sarthak Satvik. Its little higher on the price but definitely worth it, since it's completely made using the ancient bilona technique with their in-house churner. Highly recommended!”

- Pratik PatelInterior Decorator