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Gift of Health

The best gift you can give to your loved ones is a healthy you. We, at Sarthak Satvik, help you in doing just that!

Brown Pearl A2 Ghee is procured from milk of native Hardy free grazing Desi cows of Bhal region of Gujarat, and prepared by an amalgamation of traditional bilona method and modern milk churner. We call it “tech-aided hand-churned bilona” process.

Gift a jar of pure goodness to your friends and family and promote a healthy way of living!

Healthy, Responsible, Fairly Traded and Biodiverse Product.

Promoting Immunity and Sustainability.

Low Melting Point of around 32 degree Celsius.

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Desi Cows Milk Fats

Gift of Health

This Diwali, add a personal touch to your corporate gift for your employees or business associates and help them remain in the pink of their health!